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Best Practices

Free Best Practices Guide

In this exclusive guide of tips and best practices from a community of instructors who have integrated LabSim into their own curriculum, you'll find advice on how to use videos, text lessons, and labs to tailor to individual learning styles and how to identify students who need extra help.
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Teaching Aids

Access resources that help you prepare and present lesson material. We've even created some PowerPoint slideshows for you.


Need help setting up a class or creating a custom exam? We've created tutorials to help you quickly learn the powerful tools available in LabSim.

Still need some help? Live Chat with a support specialist.

LMS Integration
LabSim can integrate with any LMS that supports LTI 1.1. Learn how to setup your LMS to cross-communicate with LabSim.
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Case Studies

Learn how high schools community colleges, universities, and career colleges have used LabSim to improve passing rates and job-readiness on the ground, online, and in hybrid classes.

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