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Client Pro Courseware

The TestOut Client Pro course focuses on teaching configuration tasks performed on the client computer by a desktop administrator in a business environment. This course prepares students for the TestOut Client Pro certification exam and Microsoft’s Installing and Configuring Windows (70-698) and Configuring Windows Devices (70-697) certification exams. Completing this course effectively prepares students to earn their MCSA: Windows 10 certification.

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Target Certifications and Career

TestOut Client Pro course prepares students for IT support jobs and related IT certifications.

TestOut Client Pro Course Highlights

Microsoft's 70-697 & 70-698

One Course, Two Certification Exams

TestOut Client Pro covers both certification exams required to obtain the MCSA: Windows 10 certification, providing an all-in-one resource for instructors and students.


Real-World Simulations

Students can learn and practice common configuration and troubleshooting tasks performed by a desktop administrator. This allows students to develop the technical skills that IT employers are seeking.

Automatic Progress Reporting

TestOut Client Pro's integrated reporting features allow you to see how well your students are progressing. You can see how much time they spend in each of the 59 labs as well as the videos, text lessons, section quizzes, and practice exams. Scores from these resources are automatically recorded, saving you time and effort.

Unlimited Certification Practice Exams

TestOut Client Pro includes practice exams for the TestOut Client Pro certification exam and Microsoft's 70-697 and 70-698 certification exams. Students can build their confidence and testing acumen by practicing as many time as they like.

Everything You Need in One Resource

TestOut Client Pro includes instructional videos, text lessons, quizzes, and certification exam prep. No additional resources are needed. It also includes real-time scoring and LMS integration to save instructors valuable time.

Course Specifications

  • Simulation labs: 72
  • Video lessons: 140
  • Demonstrations: 198
  • Text lessons: 179
  • Section quizzes: 128
  • Certification practice exams: 3
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