Complimentary Instruction
ComplImentary Instructor Training
We feel that as an instructor you have more important things to prepare for and concentrate on than spending time learning a new program. While LabSim software is quite intuitive, taking a brief training session will certainly cut the time you spend learning and reviewing. Also why not start off right and learn tips from a LabSim specialist. Invest in a little training time now so that you can more quickly focus on what matters most, your students!
Upcoming Training Webinars
LabSim Class Setup

This refresher training applies to instructors who need to setup classes within the LabSim interface.  We will review how students get enrolled in the class as well as how you can enroll students and remove students who may drop the class.

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K12 Instructors   

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Higher Ed Instructors     


LabSim Report Data

This training session will cover basic reports that are helpful to instructors in regards to students’ data as well as how to create your own custom reports.



LabSim Custom Exams

If you have used our custom exams before and need a refresher or would like to learn more about setting up your own exams in LabSim this session will cover creating, scheduling and reviewing custom exams report data.



LabSim Pro Certification Exams

If you are not familiar with TestOut’s Pro Certification Exams, this session will provide detail about what this exam entails, how you schedule this free test for your students, and answer frequently asked questions.



Schedule Personalized Training Session

If the above webinars do not cover your training needs, you can schedule a personalized training session with our resident training rockstar, Stevie George. Have a training need? Stevie's got you covered!
Stevie George - Lead Trainer, TestOut

Stevie George

Training Rockstar
Stevie has been with TestOut for over 15 years. She enjoys working with TestOut customers, helping them learn about LabSim navigation, course features, class reports, custom exams and anything LabSim related. She assists hundreds of customers every year.
What Instructors are Saying
"Thank you for such a wonderful presentation on TestOut. It was very informative and very well presented. The information that was presented during the workshop will assist me as I am instructing students. Again, thank you for sharing your expertise on TestOut." Desmond Rose Instructor
Cuyahoga Community College
"Jeff and I enjoyed working with you today. You did a fine job getting us started. You gave us confidence - added with a beautiful sense of humor. Thank you."
Egedigwe Eges, PhD Instructor
Eastfield College
"I appreciate the tutorial on TestOut. It provided me with a smooth transition when I resumed a class from another instructor."
Joseph Jacks Instructor
College America
"The training session was a great help. I have used the tools you showed to me. The students are comprehending more each class. I appreciate your help!"
James R. Anthos Instructor
South University
"Everything is going well. With the training I received from you, I was able to train my students and they're all using LabSim with no problems."
Jim Veneziano Associate Department Chair
Davenport University
"Just wanted to tell you that Stevie George from TestOut, does a great job with the one on one training. I just wrapped up and I feel better prepared to engage and assist my students now."
George Trawick PhD Instructor
Strayer University