Modern Security, Improved Performance and Streamlined Workflows.

Your LabSim Learning Platform account is getting an update. All the features you currently enjoy will still be there but in a more intuitive platform. LabSim version 6 has a sleek, modern feel that provides a seamless and smooth experience. It is designed with you in mind to fit your needs better. Watch the webinar to see the features and view the FAQs to see how this will impact your LabSim account.


Exciting New Features About LabSim 6


Better Class Management

We heard your frustrations and listened. As one of many improvements, LabSim users can now belong to multiple campuses under the same account. We’ve also enabled instructors to have more than one instructor for their LabSim class. And with the ability to create start and end dates for your classes, LabSim 6 will seem like a dream come true.


Easy College Class Enrollment

Gone are the days of having students in LabSim without a campus. As soon as a student creates an account with an academic activation code, they will be prompted to select their campus. If you want to make sure your students are in the correct class, send them an email invite to automatically enroll them. It’s as simple as that.


Improved Exam Functionality

Scheduling exams in LabSim 6 is efficient and straightforward. With just a couple of clicks, you can allow students to retake an exam, move the exam date, or adjust the date for just one student. Do your students complain about running out of time before they finish their practice questions or exams? LabSim 6 will save students’ progress, allowing them to come and go without losing their place.


User Friendly Experience

We’ve created a library full of documents and videos to help you as you explore and discover the new functionalities of LabSim 6. As always, our friendly support team will be ready to answer or solve any questions you may have. We’ve also made it simple to update your TestOut course. Instructors can easily find out who their campus administrator is so they can get access to the newest course version. If you are a Campus Administrator, you can effortlessly grant or remove access to the latest version of the course with just the click of a button.



Designed With You in Mind: New Features and Abilities of LabSim V6



Why update LabSim?

Over the years we’ve released several new versions of LabSim, but nothing like this. Over the last three years we’ve been working to modernize every piece of technology that powers the whole LabSim experience. You can expect modern security, improved performance and streamlined workflows…along with a few exciting features that customers have been requesting for years!

What is changing in LabSim?

Some of the biggest changes are listed below and some of them already have training videos put together from our implementation team:

  • Users can belong to multiple campuses.
  • Multiple instructors for a LabSim class.
  • Classes now have Start/End dates.
  • Improved Custom Exam Scheduling.
  • Improved Pro Certification Exam Scheduling.
  • Improved Student View for Instructors/Admins.
  • Easier Product Update process for Campus Administrators.
  • Users can save their progress on Practice Questions and Domain Practice Exams.
  • Additional aid to help students get enrolled in the correct campus after creating their account.
  • Invite students with activation codes to join your school and/or class via email
  • Invite instructors to join your school via email
  • Use of browser functions such as refresh, back forward.
Is a Class Start/End date required?

Yes, it is required.

We understand that some schools have rolling enrollment. The maximum a class can be active is 18 months from the class creation date, so the window is quite large. But in cases of rolling enrollments, you will have to create a new class every so often. Also, classes that exist before the migration will be given a class start/end date, which can be changed once you upgrade to the new version of LabSim.

Can I have multiple instructors over the same class?

Yes. Classes with multiple instructors are co-instructors and have the same level of access.

If the class is auto archived after the class end date, then will a student be able to be scheduled for the cert exam?

Yes, you can view archived classes by changing the filter and schedule them like normal.

Can I be an instructor at multiple campuses that I teach at?

Yes! If you are an admin/instructor at multiple campuses, you can now manage both of those campuses from one account. However, if you are an instructor at one campus and a student at another, you will need to have separate accounts.

Can I keep my separate instructor accounts if I want to?

Yes, you will have the ability to keep your accounts separate.

Can students be at multiple campuses?

Yes! Students can enroll in more than one campus that is using TestOut with the same student account.

Will students continue to have access to the product after the class end date?

Yes, they will continue to have access as long as their license is active.

How will this affect my students with accessibility needs?

LabSim has not gone through Accessibility focused Quality Assurance yet so there will probably be some holes. That being said, LabSim is now running on more modern technology that will help with accessibility needs and ARIA based screen readers.

Will LabSim 6 be an improvement for accessing via mobile devices?

Due to the critical nature of the lab simulations in our learning process, it is recommended that you access LabSim via a computer. The LabSim update did not focus on improving the ability to access LabSim via mobile devices.

When will LabSim upgrade be available?

We are looking up update in a few different phases:

  • Mid-April—Early Adopters
  • May-June—Selective Updates
  • July—Mass Updates
If you have indicated your interest in being an early adopter, thank you! We will reach out to you soon.

After we have worked with our early adopters, we will be working to upgrade the rest of the schools. We do not have a set date for upgrading specific customers at this point, but we are aiming to upgrade most institutions over the summer months.


Will my access and role remain the same?

Yes, your access and role at your current campus will remain the same. After the update, you should be able to log in as normal and continue using LabSim as you have been.

Will this interrupt students already working on TestOut Courseware?

When your campus is updated to the new version of LabSim, there will be a period where users cannot login and perform anything within LabSim. Any down time for updating is currently planned for an overnight period, when it will be lowest impact on users.

Users will be warned in LabSim when the date/time is and how long it will be as it get closer to the update. Users will also be reminded when the time to update nears that they should complete their work and log out to avoid losing any progress.

Will my Custom Exams, classes, reports and other data all be accessible?

Yes, all your Custom Exams, Classes, Reports and other data from the last 3 years will be available to you after the update.

If by chance you need information older than that, contact your TestOut representative and we will try to accommodate your request.

How does this impact my course integrated with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle….etc.?

Access to LabSim via the LMS links you have created will be unaffected. You can continue to use the links that you currently have in your LMS to get into LabSim.

If you are using the Canvas or Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS), then a few extra steps are required from you to synchronize scores and create new links to the learning resources in LabSim6 after the update occurs. Click here for more information about the steps.

There are a couple of things that will change on the once we update LabSim side that you should be aware of:

Product versioning

When creating a LabSim class via LMS, if the Campus Administrator has made more than one version of the product available to the campus, the LabSim class will be created with the newest version available.

Can I delay the update to apply at a different time?

At this time, we are unable to accommodate updating schools on a specific date.  We are confident that this update will have minimal to no impact on your courses that are currently in progress!

During our beta and early adopter phase of this update, the consistent feedback from these schools is that the students were not disrupted and continued to work through their work in LabSim as they did before the update.  For the students, it will largely look like the style and colors have been changed as this is just an update to the client and not to the specific courses.

As always, if there do happen to be any issues that arise, or even if you have questions, please reach out to TestOut Support and we will address it as soon as possible.

Can I go back to the old version once I have updated?

This is a mandatory update and once the update occurs there will be no reverting back to the old version of LabSim.

If I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Our Customer Success team has put together guides and tutorials to assist you with both old and new features in the updated LabSim. They can be found here.

Additionally, as always, feel free to reach out to your TestOut representative or TestOut Support for any additional questions.