LMS Integration

Blackboard Building Block

To enable your integration between Blackboard Learn and LabSim, TestOut has partnered with Blackboard and created a Building Block for Self- or Managed-Hosted Blackboard Learn environments.
Easy Class Setup

Easy Class Setup

The LabSim Building Block enables administrators / instructors to create Blackboard links into the sections of specific TestOut products. Additionally, they can choose which resources they want to be included in the Blackboard gradeboook center.

Single Sign On

Single Sign On

From within Blackboard, students simply click on a section link to be launched in the LabSim product used in their class.

Grade Return

Grade Return

Grades are automatically returned to Blackboard Grade Center.

Video Training

Below is a playlist of brief video tutorials on how to setup and use the Building Block for Blackboard. Click the desired tutorial thumbnail below the video player to watch your video.

Administrator and Instructor Video Series

Blackboard Integration Guides

LabSim is able to integrate with Blackboard Learn using the TestOut LabSim Building Block (for installed releases April 2014 and newer) or via deep-linking with LTI 1.1 Integration.


Building Block Integration

If you are running an installed version of Blackboard that is newer than the April 2014 release, please reach out to your TestOut representative to set up a Consumer Key/Secret and LMS Integration training.

After receiving your Key/Secret, use the Blackboard Building Block Integration Guide to aid your setup of the LabSim Building Block.

LTI Integration

For other versions of Blackboard Learn, we have the ability to create links using LTI 1.1.  Please reach out to your TestOut representative to set up a Consumer Key/Secret and LMS Integration training.

After receiving your Key/Secret, we have created a Blackboard Integration Guide to aid your LTI Integration.

Here are some technical documents on integrating your LMS with LabSim:

Additionally, here are some external Blackboard Help Links/Documentation that might assist you:

Blackboard to LabSim Integration Webinar (Building Block)

This webinar will provide the instructor with everything necessary to successfully integrate your instance of Blackboard with our LabSim Courseware. We'll cover tips and tricks geared to help you succeed that are related to course creation, single-sign-on (SSO), and grade return.

Schedule a Personalized LMS Training Session

After you’ve referenced the above integration resources, you may have additional question. You can schedule a personalized 15 minute Q&A integration session with one of our resident integration managers, Ken Clark or Zach Steele. We've got you covered!
Ken Clark - Integration Manager, TestOut

Ken Clark

Implementation Manager
Ken Clark - Integration Manager, TestOut

Zach Steele

Implementation Manager
Ken and Zach have a combined tenure with TestOut of 10 years. They both enjoy working with and providing value for TestOut customers, helping them understand and learn about how LabSim integrates with the various LMS platforms. We've assisted hundreds of instructors.