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Watch live and recorded webinars on LabSim Training or Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Your journey to a smooth Implementation begins here.

step 1

We Meet and Listen to You

The first thing we do is meet with you and your team to listen and learn about your specific circumstances and challenges. Then we discuss your long and short term goals.

Step 2

Create Your Plan and Roadmap

We take everything we learn from meeting with you and create a custom plan and roadmap specific for your school and students.

Step 3

LMS Integration with our Experts

We can help you get set up and running with your school’s LMS. Single-sign-on and grade return is even easier with our partnership with some of the industry’s top Learning Management Systems. Learn more

Step 4

Course Pacing Guides

Our implementation managers can help map our products to your course learning objectives and the amount of weeks in your class. Learn more


step 5

Instructor Training and Onboarding

We provide both group as well as one-on-one training to help you take full advantage of the resources inside of LabSim for your specific course. Watch a recording or schedule a personalized training session

Step 6

Ongoing Support

We provide continual support for your instructors and IT tech support teams. We can hold ongoing huddles and conduct custom coaching to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Step 7

LabSim Student Data Analysis

We collect and analyze key data points to help you get an accurate picture of your program and how your students are doing. We identify potential friction points so they can be quickly corrected

Step 8

Product Version Migration

When a product gets updated, we help create a plan that has the least possible impact on your instructors, students and program. Learn more

Gregory Shaffer

Director of Implementation

Zach Steele

Implementation Manager

Cameron Christensen

LabSim Product Manager

Ken Clark

Implementation Manager

Stevie George

Implementation Manager

Seth Palmer

LMS Integration Tech Support