Client Pro Objectives

TestOut Client Pro Exam Objectives

Windows Operating System Installation and Configuration

  • Implement hardware that meets Windows' system requirements
  • Install and activate the version and edition of Windows that meets end-user requirements
  • Perform Windows post-installation configuration tasks
  • Configure Internet and web browser options for security and privacy
  • Create a portable installation of Windows
  • Install Windows on a virtual hard disk (VHD)
  • Implement client-side virtualization


  • Create and manage user and group accounts
  • Configure user rights and account policies;
  • Restrict access to files and folders using encryption and NTFS
  • Configure VPN connections
  • Enable DirectAccess, remote access, and remote assistance

Applications and Services

  • Manage Windows applications
  • Manage services on a Windows system
  • Configure location settings for location-aware apps
  • Configure user account control (UAC) settings


  • Manage devices and drivers
  • Customize display settings
  • Optimize hardware performance, power management, and virtual memory


  • Configure file systems, partitions, volumes, and RAID
  • Implement Storage Spaces
  • Optimize and troubleshoot disks
  • Configure OneDrive
  • Configure offline files


  • Configure and troubleshoot IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Configure wireless networks and wireless profiles
  • Configure Windows Firewall
  • Share network resources


  • Install and configure local printers
  • Configure default printers
  • Install and configure shared printers

System Protection

  • Monitor a Windows operating system
  • Configure Windows update
  • Protect a Windows system by creating restore points
  • Protect data on a Windows system by configuring data backups and recovering data from backups
  • Protect files with File History
  • Configure Windows Defender
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