Routing Pro Objectives

TestOut Routing Pro Exam Objectives

Router Setup and Configuration

  • View router configuration information
  • Configure router hostnames and interface descriptions
  • Configure router banners
  • Manage router configuration files
  • Manage router IOS files

Router Interface Configuration

  • View the status of router interfaces
  • View directly-connected devices using CDP
  • Configure Ethernet and serial router interfaces
  • Configure TCP/IP settings on a router interface
  • Configure a PPP connection between routers
  • Configure PPPoE connections on a router
  • Troubleshoot router connections

IP Routing Implementation

  • Calculate and configure subnet masks for network hosts
  • Configure static routes on a router
  • View the routing table on a router
  • Manage auto-summarization between networks
  • Configure router-on-a-stick interVLAN routing
  • Troubleshoot WAN communication issues using utilities such as ping and tracert

OSPF Routing Configuration

  • Enable OSPF routing
  • Configure and manage OSPF routing
  • Troubleshoot OSPF routing

EIGRP Routing Configuration

  • Enable EIGRP routing
  • Configure and manage EIGRP routing
  • Troubleshoot EIGRP routing

Access Control List Configuration

  • Implement standard, extended, and named ACLs
  • Use wildcard masks in ACLs
  • Use ACLs to manage network traffic:
    • Permit allowed traffic
    • Block disallowed traffic

NAT Configuration

  • Configure static NAT on a router
  • Configure dynamic NAT on a router
  • Configure overloaded PAT on a router

DHCP Server Configuration

  • Configure the DHCP service on a router
  • Configure DHCP bindings
  • Configure a DHCP relay agent

Router Security Configuration

  • Restrict router access
  • Configure router passwords
  • Use SSH to configure remote access to a router

High Availability Configuration

  • Configure VRRP
  • Configure HSRP
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