Server Pro: Install and Configure Objectives

TestOut Server Pro: Install and Configure Exam Objectives

Configure Windows Servers

  • Navigate the Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 User Interfaces
  • Configure Server Services and NIC Teaming
  • Configure Server Storage
    • Configure Server Volumes
    • Configure Fault Tolerant Volumes
    • Create a Mount Point
    • Create and Mount Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs)
    • Create a Storage Pool


  • Create and Manage Virtual Machines
  • Create Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs)
  • Create a Differencing Drives (Parent-Child)
  • Configure Virtual Networks and Settings

Active Directory

  • Manage Active Directory by Configuring Global Catalog Servers, Creating Organizational Units (OUs) and Delegating Administrative Control
  • Create and Manage User and Computer Accounts
  • Configure User Account Restrictions
  • Create and Manage Global and Distribution Groups
  • Change the Group Scope
  • Implement Recommended Group Strategy


  • Manage DNS Configuration by Configuring Search Suffixes, Forwarders, and Root Hints
  • Create DNS Zones
    • Create a Root Zone
    • Create an Active Directory-integrated Zone
    • Convert a Zone to Active Directory-integrated
  • Create DNS Records
    • Create a Zone and Add Records
    • Create A and CNAME Records
    • Troubleshoot Name Resolution 1

File and Print Services

  • Configure NTFS and Inherited Permissions
  • Share Folders and Configure Share Permissions
  • Manage Combined NTFS and Share Permissions
  • Configure Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
  • Create Quota Entries, Manage Quota Restrictions, and Configure Quota Limits
  • Manage Printing

Group Policy

  • Manage Group Policy Objects (GPOs)
    • Create and Link a GPO
    • Create a Starter GPO
    • Modify GPO Links
  • Manage Security Policies
    • Configure Security Options
    • Configure Account Password Policies
    • Enforce User Account Control
    • Configure Audit Policies
    • Configure User Rights
    • Configure Restricted Groups
  • Configure Application Restriction Policies

Networking and DHCP

  • Configure Basic Network Settings, including IPv4 and IPv6 settings
  • Configure Network Settings for Multiple Subnets
    • Use Subnetting to split address ranges
    • Use Supernetting to combine address ranges
    • Configure Networking for Multiple Subnets
  • Install the DHCP Role and Authorize DHCP Servers
  • Manage DHCP Scopes, Exclusions, and Reservations
    • Create and Configure Scopes
    • Create Exclusion Ranges
    • Create Client Reservations
  • Configure DHCP Server and Scope Options
  • Implement DHCP Centralization
    • Configure a DHCP Relay Agent
    • Add a DHCP Server on Another Subnet
    • Configure Automatic and Alternate Addressing
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