Desktop Pro Objectives

TestOut Desktop Pro Exam Objectives

Microsoft Word

  • Modify fonts and font styles in a document
  • Change paragraph settings and styles
  • Modify page layout options
  • Insert and modify tab stops
  • Insert and format tables
  • Apply themes and heading styles
  • Manage references and citations
  • Insert and modify headers and footers

Microsoft Excel

  • Manage and navigate worksheets and workbooks
  • Format worksheet data
  • Use paste options
  • Use simple formulas such as SUM and AVERAGE
  • Use logical formulas
  • Troubleshoot error messages
  • Create and use tables
  • Create and modify charts

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Organize and manage presentation slides
  • Design slide layouts
  • Modify slide masters
  • Insert and arrange illustrations
  • Insert and format pictures
  • Apply animations to slide elements
  • Apply slide transitions
  • Use presentation tools to navigate a slide show
  • Use print options
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