Advance Your Career
Professional Benefits
Prove new skills
Learning new skills is an essential part of advancing your career, and there is no better way to prove your new skills than earning certifications. 67% of employers use certifications to measure an employee’s willingness to work hard and achieve their personal goals. Having certifications means that you’ve shown your employer that you’re willing to go the extra mile to learn new skills and that you’re ready for new responsibility.
Get promoted
Many organizations develop metrics or evaluation criteria to determine promotions and raises. Obtaining new skills is often part of the evaluation. Thus, having relevant certifications can help you earn a promotion or raise. This is one of the major reasons why certified professionals get higher pay.
Protect your job
The economy is unpredictable, and things could get tough for your organization. No one likes lay-offs, but your company might not have a choice. When that happens, having certifications might help you to keep your job. This is because with your certification, you’ve proven that you’re a hard worker and possess proven skills that are of value to your organization.
Sean O'Haver works for Amazon.
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