Help Students Get Employed
Educator Benefits
Differentiate your students
When obtaining a job, your students won’t be the only ones who applied for the position. Use certification to differentiate your students from the competition. A study has shown that 96% of hiring managers use IT certification to screen qualified candidates. Also, many HR managers believe that people with certifications are more competent and faster to adapt to their new job. With proven knowledge and skills, your students have a better chance of getting hired than other candidates.
Strengthen your students' resume
According to a survey, over 90% of HR managers indicated that IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process. This is largely because they perceive certification as one of the critical characteristics of successful employees. Thus, if your students have a certification that validates skills that your employers are looking for, it’s a huge plus in their hiring process. Your students can strengthen their resume by adding relevant certifications in order to increase the chance of getting hired.
Receive better compensation
Proven and validated skills often mean that your students get compensated better as well. A study showed that those who have IT certifications earned 15% more than uncertified professionals, and 92% of employers stated that certified IT individuals receive higher starting salaries than those without certification. By earning certifications, your students can start building better financial stability for them and their family.
Sean O'Haver works for Amazon.
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