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Educator Benefits
Authentic performance assessment
TestOut Pro exams measure what your students can do, not just what they've memorized. Our exams give you an authentic assessment of real-world job skills. We make it easy for instructors to review the exam performance of each student. You can easily view individual scores, time spent, and their pass-fail status. Educators need an authentic assessment to validate that instruction was effective, taught relevant skills, and accomplished educational objectives. Our report makes your job easy.
Performance comparison
We allow you to compare your class performance with other classes that you teach. You can also compare scores with school, state, and national averages. Because you can compare scores, our exams can be used as a standardized test. We also made it easier for users to compare past and present scores, such as comparing this year’s pass rate to last year's pass rate. We want our teachers to easily access and compare student performance when using our Pro exams.
Objective performance
We want to help you evaluate not just overall performance, but the strengths and weaknesses of your students as well. Our Pro exams allow teachers to see class performance by exam objective. Teachers can compare their class’s objective performance with school-wide performance. Instructors can also compare past and present performance.
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