LabSim 5.0 Beta

Welcome to the login page for the new LabSim 5.0 beta interface. When finalized, this new HTML5-based interface will offer students and instructors alike:

  • A more streamlined experience
  • Cross-platform access, including Windows OS, Apple iOS, and Linux support
  • Mobile access to videos and text.

  • This version is live on our servers. Any changes that you make in LabSim 5.0 will be reflected in LabSim 4 as well.
  • We are making improvements daily to LabSim 5.0. Some features are still on their way (certification exam management, etc.). We will keep you posted.
  • LabSim 5.0 displays ALL of our courses. Be aware of the following details:
    • The labs in PC Pro have been completely converted in HTML5. 
    • Labs in other courses will still require the Silverlight plug-in until they are converted to HTML5 (See table below for more details). 
Use this table to know how courses and the resources currently work on the LabSim 5.0 interface. As each course is converted to be HTML5-compliant, it will become independent of the Silverlight plug-in. We will keep the following table up to date as courses are converted.

  Windows OS
Mac OS
Linux OS
Chrome OS
PC Pro   V,T,L,E  V,T,L,E
Network Pro  V,T,L*,E**
Security Pro  V,T,L*,E**
Client Pro   V,T,L*,E**
Server Pro (I,II,III)  V,T,L*,E**
CCNA  V,T,L*,E**
Linux  V,T,L*,E**
Others not listed  V,T,L*,E**

 Resources Key: 
V = Videos & Demos
T = Text Lessons
L = Lab Simulations
L* = Lab Simulations require SilverLight Plugin
E = Exams 
E** = Exams which may require SilverLight Plugin

The Linux OS and Chrome OS (such as on Chromebook) do not support the Silverlight Plug-in.


Please Be Aware Of The Following Release Notes:

List of Known Issues and Bugs

Mozilla FireFox not supported

Mozilla Firefox is not yet supported. For now, we encourage users to use Internet Explorer to sign in to LabSim 5.0 

Student View button not enabled

The Student View button that allows instructors to toggle between their own account and a student account is not yet enabled.

“Microsoft,” & “Windows,” and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. "Apple" & "iOS," and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Corporation. 


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