Product FAQs

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Product FAQs

Product Questions

How do I get an activation code for my TestOut LabSim course?

Please check with your school or instructor for their preferred method of acquiring your activation code. Some schools sell the codes for our TestOut products at their bookstore, while other schools provide to students a Promo code, which can be entered in the lower right area of, enabling students to purchase the appropriate TestOut training subscription and receive a corresponding activation code. Other schools simply provide their students with activation codes or activate student accounts without the student ever seeing the code. For this reason, it is important that you contact your instructor or school for guidance on the matter.

Who should students contact for help with understanding and passing Lab Simulations within a LabSim course?

The first resource for students using LabSim should be the student’s instructor. TestOut requests that students contact their instructor for help with understanding the subject matter of the LabSim course, or for help in understanding and completing tasks required to pass a Lab Simulation.
If an instructor is unable to complete and pass a given Lab and help the student to complete the lab, the instructor should then contact TestOut technical support. The technical support team will answer the instructor’s questions and/or provide the instructor with a video “key” showing how to complete and pass the Lab.

Can I download my product once I have placed an order?

LabSim is accessed online via your web browser, there is no need to download additional files or applications. This delivery method means you can have immediate access to your training without having to pay shipping and handling or waiting for your training to be shipped to you. Within minutes of your order, you can start your training. It’s as simple as that. More info

How do updates work?

Minor course updates, client updates, or fixes are provided automatically by accessing LabSim using the LabSim web browser client. Major course updates or new courses may require additional licenses to be purchased in order to access the most up-to-date training. For additional information, please contact your TestOut account manager .

To learn more about how updates work click here.

Do I have to be online to use TestOut products?

Yes. LabSim requires a high-speed connection to the internet.

What platforms do TestOut products work on?

Please see System Requirements for platform support details.

What are the system requirements for the software?

LabSim Account

A valid LabSim account is required to use LabSim. If you do not already have an account, you can create one the first time you login to LabSim. In order to create your own account, you must have an activation code. If you did not receive an activation code, check with your school, company, or TestOut account representative to see if an account has already been created for you.

Internet Access

The LabSim product requires a high-speed connection to the Internet.

Hardware Requirements
3 GB RAM minimum for all Operating Systems listed below

LabSim 5 (running the following TestOut LabSim Products)
  • TestOut PC Pro, TestOut Security Pro, TestOut Network Pro, TestOut Routing and Switching Pro, TestOut Linux Pro*
Operating System Browser
Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer 10 or higher
Chrome 31+
 Windows 10 Internet Explorer 10 or higher
Microsoft Edge
Chrome 31+
Mac OS 10.8 or higher Safari
Chrome 31+
IOS on iPad (Videos and Text only) Safari
Chrome 31+
*TestOut Linux Pro also supports Firefox 42+ 

TestOut Desktop Pro and Desktop Pro Plus System Requirements:
Items Requirement
RAM 3 Gb
CPU 2.2 GHz or higher
Internet Speed 3.6 Mbps or faster per student
Supported Browsers Google Chrome 31+
Microsoft IE 10+
Microsoft Edge 20+
Firefox 42+
Safari 8+ (Mac)
Operating System 64-Bit Windows OS
Intel-based Mac OS
Virtual Machine
Graphic Acceleration Enabled
Product URL's

LabSim 5 (All other currently available TestOut Labsim  Products. *Microsoft Silverlight is required)  Courses include: Windows Client Pro; Windows Server Pro for (70-410, 70-411, 70-412); Configuring Windows 7; Windows Server 2008 for (70-640, 70-642, 70-643, 70-646, 70-647)

Operating System Browser
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Internet Explorer 10 or higher
Firefox 42+
Mac OS 10-8 or higher Safari 8+
IOS on iPad (Videos and Text only) Safari 8+
Chrome 31+

Do I need to purchase any additional components to accompany the training?

No. The TestOut training provides complete course instruction, hands-on labs, and certification test prep questions, all of which provide you a complete training experience.

How much time does it take to go through the training material?

For an estimate of time required to complete a LabSim training course please go to the link below and open the Lesson Plan for the course in question. Information on approximate times for the course are found in Appendix A of each Lesson Plan.  More info

Licensing Questions

Can I use my license for more than one person?

No. Each course or library is licensed for a single user, meaning that it can only be used by one individual. Our courses are not transferable nor are they resalable. Additional libraries or licenses can be purchased at a discounted price (see multi-user licensing for additional information). 

Can the TestOut products be loaded on more than one computer?

Yes. Each course is licensed to one user, but for convenience, the Windows client can be loaded on up to seven separate machines (browser access for a single user is available on an unlimited number of computers). Contact customer service if you need access through more computers.

Is there an expiration date on TestOut products?

  • LabSim course licenses expire between 12 and 18 months from the date of activation. Contact your account administrator or sales representative for additional information.
  • Course expiration dates are listed on the Labsim home screen under the My LabSim Products section.

Purchasing Questions

Does TestOut accept purchase orders?

Yes. Please fax purchase orders to 1-801-785-0575 or e-mail Please include Company Name, Bill/Ship To address, Promotion Code, Product(s) purchasing, Enduser's name, Phone, Email, Shipping cost, and Price.

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