KBA-092 - Keystrokes within Labs Display (Echo) Numbers

KBA-092 - Keystrokes within Labs Display (Echo) Numbers


Within LabSim, regardless of what character keystrokes are used (particularly on command lines), only incrementing numbers displayed on screen. e.g., Keystrokes simply counts 12345678901234567890…


The problem is related to the GuardedID module that is part of the Comcast/Norton Security Suite. It is not necessary to remove/uninstall the entire CGPS (Constant Guard Protection Suite), just the Guarded ID module.

You can remove the GuardedID module via Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs > Uninstall a program (Windows Vista/7). After doing this, this issue will be corrected.

Additional Information / Background

For those who may need the information, the installation for Comcast/Norton Security Suite can be found here: http://xfinity.comcast.net/constantguard/Products/CGPS/norton/

In addition to LabSim, as documented within Comcast forums, GuardedID has also been known to conflict (generate the same symptoms) with other software programs and games.

The intended purpose of the GuardedID software module is to provide an element of Internet security protection for your computer that protects you from potentially malicious key logging software applications on your computer. Such key logging approaches are intended to gather sensitive information that is keyed on a computer keyboard that is ultimately used for malicious purposes.

If the issue persists, or if additional information is needed, please contact Technical Support via any of the following options: 
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Email: support@testout.com
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