KBA-084 - Running LabSim on an iPad, Android, or Windows Mobile device, etc.


Running LabSim run on the iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Mobile device, etc.


Current release versions of LabSim are written for Microsoft Silverlight enabled computers. Currently the only supported operating systems are Windows and Intel based Apple Macintosh computers. While there are Silverlight emulator addons (Moonlight) for the Linux OS, LabSim is dependent on Silverlight 4 and higher, where the current version of Moonlight does not support these more recent Silverlight functions and is therefore not fully compatible at this time.

However, we are currently developing a HTML5 based LabSim client that will natively support a wider range of computer operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus on devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones, and Windows tablets and smartphones. 

Though currently only supporting video, demo, and text sections, our HTML5 client is currently open to beta use, and we welcome feedback. You may access this client here: http://beta.testout.com