KBA-071 - My LabSim Library is Empty

KBA-071 - My LabSim Library is Empty


User's LabSim Library is empty when logging in using the LabSim web browser client.  The message shown is: 'Your LabSim Library is empty.  This is either because you have not purchased any products or all of your activations have expired'.  The message is showing even when the user does have current active LabSim courses.


This may be due to the fact that the users LabSim course titles have simply run the course of their 36 month activation and are expired. However, in the case where the LabSim user knows that their courses are still active, it may be that the problem is being caused by an incorrect system date/time setting on the user's computer. If the date is set to a future time that is after the expiration date of the user's course activations, the Library will not be populated with the list of courses.

Set the system date/time back to the correct date and time.