KBA-001 - How to avoid losing scores while using LabSim

KBA-001 - How to avoid losing scores while using LabSim


While using LabSim, unbeknownst to me my Internet connection dropped. I exited my browser and restarted my computer. However, when I logged back into LabSim all of work I had accomplished was not saved. Why is this?


If, while working in LabSim your Internet connection drops, LabSim will continue to store scores and progress information in your browsers cache. If, when you click the Logout link (to end your current LabSim session) LabSim detects such saved data it will prompt the user to save a .dat file (which contains the saved data) to your drive, and prompts you to send this file to support@testout.com.

However, if you miss or skip clicking the Logout link and otherwise close and exit your browser, all cached score and progress information will be lost.

General LabSim Scoring Information

  • When working within any LabSim exam, the score is recorded when the exam is closed and the Score button clicked.
  • When working within a LabSim Lab Simulation your score will be recorded after clicking the Done button (completing the lab).
  • When viewing a LabSim video or demo time spent will be reported after spending the first five to 10 seconds of viewing time.
  • When reading a LabSim text lesson it will be flagged as being complete after approximately 10 seconds.