KBA-01046: Troubleshooting LabSim Internet connection issues


Purpose & Scope

Use these steps to troubleshoot LabSim Internet connectivity issues.

The most common symptom of Internet connectivity issues is the message: 'The account you specified has not been loaded on your machine. You must have an Internet connection to load the account'.

LabSim may also display the message: 'There was an error in communicating with the server. Please try again.' 

Sometimes the 'Not Connected' message appears near the top of the client window.


Start by downloading the latest version of LabSim via this link:

If updating the client does not resolve the connection issue, then something on your network, or an application installed on your system (software firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, content filter, etc.) may be preventing LabSim from connecting to our servers. If something on your network is preventing LabSim from connecting, ask your network administrator to allow access to ( over port 80 (http), and port 443 (ssl). If your network uses a proxy server, click Connection Settings in LabSim to enter your proxy server information. If another application is blocking LabSim's Internet connection, add LabSim (OrbisClient.exe) to the list of allowed applications in the settings for the application that is preventing LabSim from connecting. View the application’s help or website for information about how to configure its settings. Support pages for some of the more popular security applications are listed below:

Symantec (Norton):
Trend Micro:
Windows Defender:
Windows Firewall (XP SP2): 
Windows Firewall (Vista):
Windows Live OneCare:

If LabSim is still unable to connect, you can try disabling all startup applications:

  1. Click Start > Run (in Vista, click the Windows button).

  2. Type MSCONFIG in the Run (Windows XP) or Search (Windows Vista/7) field boxes.

  3. Press Enter.

  4. From the Startup tab, click the Disable All button.

  5. From the Services tab, select Hide All Microsoft Services, then click the Disable All button.

  6. Click OK, then restart the computer when prompted.

Note: To undo these changes, perform the same steps, but click Enable All instead of Disable All.

Additional Comments

If you still have the same problem after performing these steps, please send a description of the problem, the steps required to reproduce the problem, and a LabSim log file to To generate a LabSim log file:

  1. Launch LabSim and click the Troubleshooting link at the top

  2. In the LabSim troubleshooting window, click Create a log for Technical Support

  3. After reproducing the problem, click Stop writing log for Technical Support

  4. Enter your e-mail address and a description of the problem, then click Save Log to File. Save the file to your My Documents (or Documents) folder as OrbisClientLog.txt.

  5. Attach OrbisClientLog.txt from your My Documents (or Documents) folder to your e-mail.

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