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How-To Tutorials

Getting Started—User Accounts Activated by Teachers

A quick start guide to using LabSim for students whose teachers have already created user accounts and activated products.

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Getting Started—User Accounts Not Activated by Teachers

A quick start guide to using LabSim for students without an existing user account (where the student, not the teacher, must create the account and activate products).

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14 November 2014

Creating Accounts – Class Enrollment

Students can use this demonstration to view how to setup a LabSim account and enroll in classes. (4 min 53 sec)
17 September 2013


Learn all the navigation tips with this video demonstration. (5 min 34 sec)
17 August 2013

Custom Exams - Student View

After instructors schedule an exam, the exam will appear on your LabSim home page. This demonstration will show you how to see and access assigned exams. (4 min 9 sec)
19 August 2013

Course Activation Period

This video demonstrates how to quickly view how much time remains on your LabSim courses. (30 sec) 
17 August 2013

Merging Accounts

Students only need one LabSim account, if more than one has been setup, view this demonstration for details on how to merge your accounts.
(2 min 38 sec)
14 November 2014

Resetting Passwords

This video demonstrates how to retrieve your username and/or setup a temporary password. (1 min 25 sec)