Online Delivery

We don’t just help you learn—we give you experience. More than just training videos or test prep, LabSim includes integrated hardware, operating system, and networking labs that let you apply what you’ve learned in real-world job situations.


Online Delivery

For educators, TestOut’s online delivery lets you quickly build an on-ground, on-line, or hybrid class, complete with robust hands-on labs that teach real-world skills. For students, online delivery means instant and convenient access to your training.

Take a look at the benefits that come from using online access:

  • Instant Access

    Our online solutions give you instant access immediately after purchase. No waiting for physical media to be shipped to you.

  • Anywhere, Anytime Access

    Access your courses anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection.

  • Browser Delivery

    All products run completely in a browser giving you access from both PCs and Macs, no client installation. Streaming video is optimized with adaptive bit-rate technology for low-bandwidth links.

  • Software and Hardware Labs

    Our innovative simulation technology lets you practice both software and hardware configuration tasks in a virtual environment.

  • Centralized Progress Reports

    As you work through each course, your progress is saved automatically on our servers. Logging on from work, school, at home, or even the coffee shop down the street, you’ll be able to seamlessly pick up where you left off, even if you use a different computer each time.

  • Paperless Scoring and Grading

    Instructors can instantly see what students have completed. No more turning in paper print-outs or screen captures to prove or grade assignments.

  • Instant Updates

    When we change it, you see it—automatically. Online content helps us keep pace with an ever-changing industry, giving you content that is refreshed faster than traditional sources such as books.


TestOut’s LabSim gives you a complete, turnkey solution to taking your educational programs online, or taking your training with you, anywhere and anytime.

Automatically score labs
Give hands-on experience
Let students practice 24/7

Evaluate this course!

"LabSim allowed us to actually go online!! ... I didn't want to go online based on popular demand. When we went online, we wanted to ensure that we were delivering the educational value our students expect. We couldn't go online to the extent we wanted to without LabSim."

- Marcus Butler, Instructor
  West Los Angeles College


“Many questioned how an online A+ course would work, but once they got their hands on LabSim, they are loving it!”

- Martin Cordero, Instructor
  Hopkinsville Community College

TestOut’s LabSim training is way more up to date than other curricula, like textbooks. I ordered a textbook in November, only to see the certification objectives revised by March. A textbook can’t keep up with those changes. And then, what the students need to learn isn’t in the book! How can I teach the state standard if the book doesn’t cover it?

- John G. Williams, CTE Instructor
West Ashley High School

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