Hands On Labs

We don’t just help you learn—we give you experience. More than just training videos or test prep, LabSim includes integrated hardware, operating system, and networking labs that let you apply what you’ve learned in real-world job situations.


Hands On Labs

TestOut is truly a pioneer in the industry in developing online labs. Ever since our first computer-based training product, providing hands-on practice has been an indispensable component of our training. Through the years we’ve developed innovative and patented solutions that let you deliver high-quality, real-world lab activities, all online.  

Take a look at all that our online labs can offer.

  • Learn by Doing

    Hands-on labs let you apply what you’ve learned, leading to better understanding and retention.

  • Software and Hardware Labs

    While some vendors can offer software labs using remote access to virtual machines, only TestOut’s LabSim lets you practice both software and hardware configuration tasks, all in the same lab. For example, you can install a video card, boot the computer, and complete the configuration in the Windows operating system, all online.

  • Online Labs

    TestOut’s LabSim is completely online, giving you the hands on practice you need through our online interface. Many of our products now run in a browser, on both PCs and Macs.

  • Reduced Lab Costs

    LabSim online labs reduce the hardware and software costs associated with running a physical lab. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and staff a lab that includes everything students work with in LabSim.

  • Increased Variety and Experience

    Most physical labs have only a single operating system version with limited choices in hardware. Our virtual labs give you practice in multiple operating systems (where applicable), and expose you to varied hardware and troubleshooting situations that would be difficult and expensive to replicate in a real environment.

  • Safe Practice Environment

    LabSim lets you do things that you might not be allowed to do on a school or company network. You can even do things you’d be reluctant to try on your own hardware.

  • Open Path

    Our labs do not limit you to using only a fixed, single path or solution. You are free to complete tasks using multiple methods or in a different order. Our labs let you experiment, make and correct mistakes, and see the cause and effect of actions or misconfigurations.

  • Automatic Scoring

    Physical labs are difficult to score and require manual grading, but LabSim tracks student performance in labs and scores them automatically.

Automatically score labs
Give hands-on experience
Let students practice 24/7

Evaluate this course!

“Usually in school I learn a subject and then forget it by the time I'm in the workplace and struggling to figure something out. LabSim is awesome because it ties together everything I do in my job, and the interactive labs work hand-in-hand with my job duties.”

- Jeanine Babic, Student
  Westchester Community College

“I used to search at warehouses, computer sales, even dumpsters for affordable equipment. Or there was the work of rebuilding and soldering pieces. Now, students can get practice on all of that equipment in TestOut’s LabSim. The labs simulate real equipment. The students can go over the labs again and again—they can fail, do it again, and get it right.”

- John G. Williams, Teacher
  West Ashley High School

"We're an online school and we have students all over the United States. Imagine going into a hardware class that is taking place online and asking them to take their computer apart. I can't get it back together, they complain, but they can't reach me because their computer is down. LabSim gives us this virtual world where we can simulate configuring software or simulate configuring a router, or building a router."

- Tommy Whitlock, Instructor
  Virginia College Online

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