Assessment Tools

We don’t just help you learn—we give you experience. More than just training videos or test prep, LabSim includes integrated hardware, operating system, and networking labs that let you apply what you’ve learned in real-world job situations.


Assessment Tools

Effective learning isn’t just about studying the course materials, it also requires frequent and effective assessments. Students benefit from assessments by discovering what they know (or don’t know), giving them confidence in their abilities and their preparedness for the certification exam. Instructors can use assessments to measure progress, improve instruction, and prove class progress towards the learning objectives.

TestOut’s LabSim offers the following assessment tools for end-users and instructors:

  • Section Quizzes

    Quizzes at the end of each section contain questions similar in style and difficulty to the certification exam. Use the section quizzes as a learning tool to identify things you missed during your studies.
  • Certification Exam Practice

    Each LabSim product includes an extensive bank of several hundred questions that help you prepare for the certification exam. Typical exams give you a realistic testing center experience, giving you practice tests similar in length and difficulty to the certification exam.

  • Track Time Spent

    Instructors can track time spent for an entire course or time spent on a specific learning resource.
  • Verify Student Progress

    Instructors can verify that students have spent time working through all course components, including exams, labs, videos, demos, and text lessons.

  • Automatic Scoring

    Lab activities and exams are automatically scored, using either points or a percentage. Because all scores are saved online, instructors have instant access to student reports, eliminating the need for paper printouts or screen captures.

  • Custom Exams

    Using TestOut’s Custom Exam Editor, instructors can quickly create tests, midterms, and finals using our extensive bank of exam questions and labs. Create your own assessments without writing your own questions. Learn More
  • TestOut Pro Certifications

    Our unique Pro Certifications measure what you can do, not just what you’ve memorized. Our innovative skills certification exams let you prove your abilities to instructors, administrators, and potential employers.
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Automatically score labs
Give hands-on experience
Let students practice 24/7

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“I like the reporting side of LabSim because I can check students' stats: their time in each LabSim component, their scores, etc. I can watch their progress and make sure they do what they need to do, and that they watch the whole video and not just 3 seconds of it.”

- Charles Thompson, Teacher
  Middleburg High School

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