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We don’t just help you learn—we give you experience. More than just training videos or test prep, LabSim includes integrated hardware, operating system, and networking labs that let you apply what you’ve learned in real-world job situations.


Security Pro

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139 Training Videos117 Demonstrations
82 Section Quizzes74 Lab Simulation Exercises
122 Written Lessons1037 Exam Questions
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TestOut Security Pro is our most comprehensive Security courseware to date. With over 60 lab simulations, TestOut Security Pro will give you the knowledge and the experience you need to enter the industry as an entry-level IT security administrator.

TestOut Security Pro builds on the experience users gain in our TestOut PC Pro and TestOut Network Pro courses. You’ve learned how to maintain PCs and setup a corporate network, now TestOut Security Pro will show you how to protect that network from a myriad of threats.

One Course -- Two Certification Exams

TestOut looks at certification a bit differently than others in the industry. Our goal is to make training that prepares you to get certified and gives you the hands-on skills IT employers are looking for. This is why we took a comprehensive approach to developing the TestOut Security Pro course. When you complete the TestOut Security Pro course, you will be prepared to take two separate certification exams:

  • TestOut Security Pro certification exam
  • CompTIA Security+ certification exam (SY0-401)
Layered Security Framework

TestOut Security Pro was designed around the layered security framework concept. From setting up perimeter defenses right down to protecting your data, we teach you how to implement the proper security measure at each layer to protect your office from threats.  

More Labs

Practice makes perfect. Including more than twice the lab simulations than our previous security course, TestOut Security Pro will help you gain the skills that employers are looking for by having you practice them. We don’t just show you the best places to place IP security cameras, we have you install them. You will not only be able to describe what BitLocker is, but you will actually be able to configure it to secure the data of a sensitive project that your company is working on.  TestOut Security Pro hones your security skills by having you complete tasks that the IT industry seeks.

Other new labs include:

  • Configure iPad Security
  • Install and Configure WAP/Firewall
  • Create a DMZ
  • Configure NAT on a device
  • Harden a switch/router
  • Configure VLANs

Capstone Simulations

Our new Capstone simulations test you on the overall knowledge that you gained throughout the course. In these simulations you will act as the IT Security Administrator for a small corporate network. As such, you will be tasked with running several vulnerability scans on your network, identify any issues and work to correct them for the entire office.

What's Included

LabSim includes everything you need to prepare for certification. 

  • Our comprehensive training methodology includes video, text, labs, and certification test prep software.
  • Hands-on labs let you practice both hardware and software configuration tasks in a virtual environment. 
  • Online delivery gives you instant, anywhere access through most major browsers on both PC and Mac. 
  • Reporting and assessment tools make LabSim perfect for use in a classroom or distance-learning classes.

Note: LabSim does not include the cost of vendor or association certification exams. 

Automatically score labs
Give hands-on experience
Let students practice 24/7

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