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One Resource for Teaching PC Configuration & Troubleshooting. Three Certifications.

Combining videos, text lessons, exam prep, and interactive lab simulations into one package, TestOut PC Pro is the best end-to-end solution to teach students how to build, configure, secure, network, and troubleshoot PCs. TestOut PC Pro prepares students to pass three IT industry certification exams:

  • TestOut’s PC Pro Certification exam
  • CompTIA’s 220-901 Certification exam
  • CompTIA’s 220-902 Certification exam
TestOut PC Pro
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Students Learn Through Experience

Your students will not only learn through videos and text lessons, but they'll gain real-world skills using LabSim, our interactive lab simulation technology. LabSim gives students the opportunity to practice evaluating, analyzying, and configuring hardware and software. Not only will they be well prepared to take three industry certifications, they'll have the skills employers are looking for.

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CompTIA Approved Quality Content (CAQC) Seal of Approval

TestOut is an Authorized Partner in the CompTIA Content Partner Program and TestOut PC Pro 5.0.0 has been validated as CompTIA Approved Quality Content.

This means a third-party has verified that TestOut PC Pro 5.0.0 properly prepares your students to take CompTIA's A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams. CompTIA's approval, combined with TestOut's quality and innovation, means you can relax knowing your students are being trained using the best courseware on the market.

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Improve students' learning experience and retention

Keeping students focused and engaged is essential to a rewarding learning experience. Videos go a long way towards making that happen—textbooks not so much. Our videos feature diverse instructors, helpful graphics, and text lessons to help increase your students’ retention and self-confidence.

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More simulated operating systems give students more diverse experience

Rather than gaining experience with only one OS, TestOut PC Pro asks students to complete basic tasks in many different operating systems and interfaces, including Windows 10, Windows 7, Linux, iOS, BIOS, and more. Windows 8 is also covered in demonstrations, text lessons, and questions.

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Updated hardware components.

Updated hardware and software will help your students get experience with relevant components. Also included are 3D views, zooms, and installation demonstrations for motherboards, system devices, and other internal components within high-end and basic PCs.

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