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TestOut Network Pro

Prepare Your Students for the IT Networking Workforce

TestOut’s Network Pro course allows students to gain the knowledge they need to become certified and the practical skills they need to be well on their way to a job in the IT networking field. LabSim’s progressive approach to teaching networking will take your students from learning the basics to understanding complex corporate topographies. Upon completion, students will be well prepared to pass TestOut's Network Pro Certification exam, as well as CompTIA's Network+ N10-006 exam.

TestOut Network Pro
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Advanced Simulations: Real-World Experience

Throughout the course, students will gain valuable hands-on practice using LabSim’s realistic simulations to build a progressively larger network. From connecting a cable modem, all the way to configuring NIC teaming for a corporate network, your students will end the course having real skills, not just book smarts.

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Interactive maps prepare students for the workplace

TestOut Network Pro’s interactive maps prepare students for the workplace by simulating a real office environment as well as the machines and hardware that they would work with. Students will be confronted with tasks that take them to different offices as well as different buildings as they build out a simulated network for a medium-size corporation.

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Improve students' learning experience and retention

Keeping students focused and engaged is essential to a rewarding learning experience. Videos go a long way towards making that happen—textbooks not so much. Our videos feature a variety of instructors, helpful graphics, and text to help increase your students’ retention and self-confidence.

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Validate skills with TestOut Network Pro Certification exam

Answering multiple-choice questions does not validate skills. Our experience-based exam is far better at measuring what a student can do, not just seeing if they can memorize concepts. Our TestOut Network Pro certification validates students are skilled in and prepared for doing what their job requires.

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