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TestOut Linux Pro

Prepare Your Students for Linux Certification

TestOut Linux Pro helps students prepare for certification and become proficient users of the Linux command line interface. Upon completion students are well prepared to take TestOut’s Linux Pro Certification exam as well as CompTIA’s Linux+ LX0-103 and LX0-104 exams.

TestOut Linux Pro
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Improve students' learning experience and retention

Every student learns a bit differently. Keeping them focused is essential to a rewarding learning experience. TestOut Linux Pro uses a multimedia approach including videos, text lessons, practice exams, and interactive simulations to keep students engaged and on task.

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Command Line


Advanced Simulations: Real-World Experience

TestOut Linux Pro is powered by LabSim, our interactive simulation technology. Throughout the course, students use the Linux command line interface to complete tasks they would encounter as a Linux system administrator. Students who train with TestOut Linux Pro are not only well prepared for certification, but for the workplace as well.

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Included practice exams help prepare for certification

TestOut Linux Pro includes practice exams for TestOut’s Linux Pro Certification exam and CompTIA’s Linux+ LX0-103 and LX0-104 exams. Because our products are hosted online, students can take the practice exams when, where, and however many times they like.

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Validate skills with TestOut Linux Pro Certification exam

Answering multiple-choice questions does not validate skills. Our experience-based exam is far better at measuring what a student can do, not just seeing if they can memorize concepts. Our TestOut Linux Pro certification validates that students are skilled in and prepared for doing what their job requires.

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