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A Better Experience For Everyone and Every Type of Class


  • Works for all classroom structures
  • Provide consistency from class to class
  • Eliminate Microsoft Office Version Issues

  • Have a stress-free day of class
  • Spend less time in prep and grading
  • Spend time teaching not troubleshooting

  • Enjoy an engaging learning experience
  • Plenty of hands-on learning
  • Be workforce-ready

Desktop Pro and Desktop Pro Plus Content

TestOut Desktop Pro
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TestOut Desktop Pro Plus
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Improve Students' Learning Experience and Retention

Keeping students focused and engaged is essential to a rewarding learning experience. Videos go a long way towards making that happen—textbooks not so much. Our videos feature a variety of instructors, helpful graphics, and text to help increase your students’ retention and self-confidence.

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Give Students Hands-On Practice

You've heard the adage “practice makes perfect.” But teaching Office applications skills has not been an easy task—until now. Our simulated labs provide the most realistic learning environment available, give students hands-on experience, provide instant feedback and remediation, and challenge students to become proficient.

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Test and Auto-Grade with Ease

Spending hours grading is not the most effective use of an instructor’s time. That’s why our performance-based tests include auto-grading that actually works. It’s fast, easy, and gives students multiple paths to getting answers right.

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Validate Skills with the TestOut Desktop Pro Certification Exam

Answering multiple-choice questions does not validate skills. Our experience-based exam is far better at measuring what a student can do, not just seeing if they can memorize concepts. Our TestOut Desktop Pro certification validates that students are skilled in and prepared for doing what their job requires.

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Give Students the Best Learning Experience
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