LabSim Instructor Tools

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LabSim Instructor Tools


We've provided the following tools to educators to simplify using LabSim in your classes.

  • Best Practices

    See how other instructors leverage LabSim to improve learning outcomes.

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  • LabSim Lesson Plans

    Lesson plans to accompany a specific LabSim product.

    View Lesson Plans

  • Textbook Mappings

    Certification exam objectives mapped both to popular textbooks and our LabSim product.

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  • LabSim Course Outlines

    View the outline and specific learning resources in each LabSim product.

    View Outlines

  • Class Management

    View tutorials on how to set up and manage classes, users, and reports.

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  • Custom Exam Editor

    Create custom quizzes, exams, and midterms using questions and labs within the LabSim product.

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  • LabSim Accelerator

    Use the LabSim Accelerator to optimize Internet bandwidth use for classrooms with limited bandwidth.

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  • LabSim Tutorials
    LabSim Tutorials

    View tutorials that will help you get started using LabSim. Learn to setup classes, view students' progress, create custom exams, etc.

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  • LMS Integration
    LMS Integration

    LabSim can integrate with any LMS that supports LTI 1.1. Learn how to setup your LMS to cross-communicate with LabSim

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“I like the reporting side of LabSim because I can check students' stats: their time in each LabSim component, their scores, etc. I can watch their progress and make sure they do what they need to do, and that they watch the whole video and not just 3 seconds of it.”

- Charles Thompson, Teacher
  Middleburg High School

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