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Customer Testimonials

“Wow, what did LabSim do for our program? Helped out tremendously! LabSim made assets available without us putting out huge amounts of money.”

- Charles Thompson, Teacher
  Middleburg High School

“We're a tech school and train our students to go straight into industry. We train on hands-on practical work, and it would be difficult with our budget for us to give students as many options as you give in LabSim. It's difficult to have all the physical equipment; in fact, there's no way we could afford it. I can't buy 5 different video cards for every student to practice on. That's the whole reason I selected LabSim and continue going with it.”

- Allen Saylor, Instructor
  Moultrie Technical College

“I found out about LabSim through a class that used the LabSim SSCP training. I realized how helpful the tutorials, written lessons, videos, and interactive pieces were--not only for class, but also for my job. I work part-time for IBM as a Deskside Support Representative. I do a lot of troubleshooting, setting permissions, and other things on the hardware and software sides. LabSim ties in to everything I do. It's a very valuable resource.”

- Jeanine Babic, Student
  Westchester Community College

“I especially like the hands-on exercises in LabSim that simulate an actual work environment. In order to maintain the security of the school's network, the school's network administrator restricts our access to making changes on the school's real computers. The simulated environment in LabSim bridges that gap and gives the students opportunity for unrestricted learning.”

- Ginger Ring, Teacher
  Southern Hills Career and Technical Center

“I love the student discount. In fact, a lot of my peers at college complain about not being able to do labs from our books, since a lot of labs require admin rights, and we don't have these rights; we are power users. Also, we have a network monitoring software that blocks a lot of things, so that makes it even harder to do labs [from the books], and often a lot of labs are based on theory. I always recommend TestOut to student peers that want more lab time. It's helping me tremendously to study for the A+, and I don't think I would have passed without it. Using TestOut, I have a ton of ah-ha moments where things are really starting to connect and click. The material on TestOut, and the book Exam Cram start to make sense. Although, the labs are what really make TestOut stand out. I feel 100% confident I will pass by using TestOut.”

- Networking Student
  member of forum

“We're an online school and we have students all over the United States. Imagine going into a hardware class that is taking place online and asking them to take their computer apart. I can't get it back together, they complain, but they can't reach me because their computer is down. LabSim gives us this virtual world where we can simulate configuring software or simulate configuring a router, or building a router. Another great benefit is that the student can do them more than once and LabSim keeps track of all their scores and they know right up front how well they've done.”

- Tommy Whitlock, Instructor
  Virginia College Online

“I've worked hard over the past 7 years to deliver online courses. LabSim makes it easy for me to do it. I don't think I'd still be teaching online at this point if I didn't find LabSim. I could teach a theory class all day long, but it's difficult to teach a practical application class. And in our current environment, I can't justify a physical A+ lab. But with LabSim we can give students the lab experience they need without the constant upkeep of a physical lab.”

- Kimberly Conley, Chief Information Officer
  Henderson Community College

“We love the interactive labs. I've been teaching for quite a few years and in our situation we're used to doing labs in person. But it required a huge investment of both hardware and personnel. The class would sometimes stop for two hours if we had a hardware or software issues. But with LabSim, we have a simulated environment and it works every time. LabSim has eliminated a lot of the problems we were having that were outside of our control.”

- Central Piedmont Community College

“What I value most about TestOut LabSim is the focus on pedagogy that TestOut brings. None of the other computer-based training and testing providers seem to understand the careful balance that is needed between the needs of the instructor and the needs of the student as TestOut does. The need for instructors to be involved in their students' learning experience is illustrated by the full-featured, centralized reporting and management features of the TestOut products. None of the other CBT providers, such as MeasureUp, ExamCram, PrepLogic, ExamForce, Train Signal, CBTNuggets, come close to the manageability of the TestOut Labsim products.”

- Kevin Blackwell, Professor
  Olympic College

“Since we started using the new TestOut [LabSim] material, the number of certifications earned by our students has increased threefold over the past year alone! We are very pleased with your product and with the support we get from you. For that, we thank you.”

- Eric Isaac
  Erwin Technical Center

"Labsim has provided the bridge between online teaching and hands-on technology. With the latest release, that bridge has been fortified. It continues to have the great videos, practice exams and presentations as previous versions, with the addition of improved simulations. The graphics are excellent, to the point you can distinguish the smallest details and still interact with them. This provides a level of familiarity with computer components that you would normally obtain only from hands-on training."

- Martin A. Cordero (MCP, MCDST) Adjunct Instructor
  Hopkinsville Community Collegel

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