July 2011 Edition

July 2011 Edition

Why Students Need LabSim 70-642 Training

This summer TestOut will release a revised LabSim course for Microsoft exam 70-642: Configuring Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure.  The new LabSim 70-642 course will train students for Microsoft’s revised exam objectives. 

Passing the Microsoft 70-642 exam earns students Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification. It is also one of the exams required for further certification under Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP), the most sought-after credential Microsoft offers. 

Why should schools and colleges make it a priority to train students for 70-642: Configuring Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure? 

After students graduate, many of them will find professional IT work in medium-size to large companies where they will work in complex computing environments. By training for Microsoft exam 70-642, students will be prepared for many of the leadership roles in server, network, and systems administration, including the following professional responsibilities:

  • Configuring IT addressing and services
  • Configuring name resolution
  • Configuring network access
  • Configuring file and print services
  • Monitoring and managing a network infrastructure

TestOut Steak Fry

It was a beautiful day for a barbecue, and TestOut employees gathered with employees from neighboring businesses in Pleasant Grove, Utah, for the company’s annual Texas BBQ on June 29. This year was an even bigger event than usual as part of TestOut’s year-long 20th Anniversary celebration. 

TestOut’s founder and CEO Noel Vallejo, as well as president Doug Edwards, are both Texas natives, and they make TestOut’s annual BBQ an event to look forward to. This year TestOut served 14-ounce rib-eyes, all the best barbecue sides, and seven varieties of Dutch oven desserts prepared by TestOut employees. Visitors from neighboring businesses were eligible for raffle prizes, including a BBQ tool set, set of BBQ aprons and hot pads, gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse, a BBQ cookbook—and the grand prize, a gift certificate for a pair of beautiful, handcrafted Tony Lama boots! 

Enjoy the photos from TestOut’s 2011 Texas BBQ. 





School Spotlight: Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center and TestOut: Training High School Seniors for A+ and Network+

The Need: A+ and Network+ Training for High School Seniors 
 The Computer Servers Networking program at Washington State’s Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center prepares  seniors to certify in A+ and Network+. In the past, instructor Tory Klementsen developed her own curriculum, relying on CompTIA’s certification objectives, as well as online resources and her own experience. “I haven’t used textbooks because they change so quickly,” she said. 

Two years ago, while searching for online materials to aid her teaching, Klementsen came across TestOut’s LabSim. She had never purchased a curriculum package before, but she sampled a single copy of LabSim and then purchased a license from a textbook reseller. Now in her second year using TestOut’s LabSim, Klementsen has found a curriculum solution that prepares her seniors for certification. 

The Solution: TestOut's LabSim Courses Let Seniors Focus on Their Individual Needs 

TestOut’s LabSim courses for certification training combine video instruction and demonstrations, hands-on labs, fact sheets, and exams. Klementsen said she likes that TestOut’s courses “include a lot of different teaching methods—not just video, not just tests, and not just labs, but all of them.” 

Klementsen encourages her students to begin the LabSim A+ and Network+ courses by taking the final exams first to find out what they already know and where they need to focus. “I let the students work through LabSim at their own pace, knowing their own needs. They don’t have to go through every part of the course if they already know the material. But some do go all the way through and take copious notes,” she said. “The students all find value in LabSim. It’s never a fight to get them to work on it!” 

The Result: 11 of 14 Seniors Have Already Certified 

During the past year of using LabSim, 11 of Klementsen’s 14 seniors have fully certified in A+ and Network+, with 2 more scheduled to certify next week. 

“My older students have come back and given presentations to my current students about how they’ve benefitted from certifying,” Klementsen said. “One student shared how his exposure to IT from my class helped him get a job for AT&T.” 

Klementsen appreciates that TestOut updates the LabSim courses frequently, admitting it is frustrating to invest in a software only to see CompTIA revise the certification exam the next year. “It’s worth it knowing that TestOut always keeps the courses up to date,” she said. 

Read other case studies

Does your school have a great success story about LabSim? We'd love to feature it in our School Spotlight! For consideration, please send an e-mail including a brief description of how LabSim is helping your students shine to experience@testout.com. 

TheLabSimExperience Blog: Technology Has Net Positive Impact on Education
Has technology improved the way you educate students in your classroom? 

According to a May 2011 CompTIA studyIT Opportunities in the Education Market, 78% of educators surveyed say that the “proliferation of technology has had a net positive impact on overall education results, processes and performances. Among the positive impacts, 65 percent of educators said students are more productive today than they were three years ago due to the use of technology.” 

Respondents to the CompTIA survey included colleges, universities, and K-12 schools. In all three groups, educators said the main reason behind their technology purchases is the desire to improve the overall education experience for students. 

Classroom management software is one of the top technologies used by educators, with 70% saying they use it or will use it in the next 12 months. Classroom management tools, like those found in LabSim Reporting, help educators better understand students’ understanding of course content and where they may need follow-up instruction. 

According to CompTIA analyst Carolyn April, technology in schools has advanced “how students learn, how teachers teach, and how efficiently and effectively educational services can be delivered.” April said that technologies such as tablets, netbooks, interactive whiteboards, and wireless solutions are furthering the reliance on IT by the education market. 

What other technology implementations have helped students in your classroom? Please leave a comment or send an email to experience@testout.com

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