LabSim Educational Solutions

TestOut is your academic partner, giving you the tools and support to help you, and your students, succeed.

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LabSim Educational Solutions

Our goal is to help you be successful in both traditional and virtual classrooms. We help in two critical areas:

  • Providing comprehensive, effective learning solutions that engage your students and help them gain the skills they need. 
  • Providing class management and assessment tools so you can focus on helping students learn, not on maintaining the technology. 

TestOut LabSim gives you a turnkey solution for improving existing or delivering new courses, while our integrated assessment tools allow you (and your students) to chart progress, identify learning deficiencies, and measure certification and job readiness.

TestOut's educational resources allow you to:

  • Track Time Spent

    Track time spent on each learning resource and for the entire product.

  • Automatically Grade Labs

    Our online labs are scored automatically and results are posted to your class reports immediately after completion.

  • Check Student Progress

    Access detailed reports on student performance.

  • Take Your Program Online

    Our comprehensive learning methodology, including both hardware and software online labs, lets you easily take your program online, without sacrificing hands-on practice.

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  • Create Custom Exams

    Use our Exam Builder to quickly create custom assessments, without writing questions.

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  • View Certification Reports

    View results and detailed reports for our certification exams.


Although we map our course content to commonly used books, no textbook is required, and we constantly update content to reflect changes in the industry and the certification exams. All content and reporting tools are available online, with all new products available through most browsers on both PCs and Macs.

“What I value most about TestOut LabSim is the focus on pedagogy that TestOut brings. None of the other computer-based training and testing providers seem to understand the careful balance that is needed between the needs of the instructor and the needs of the student as TestOut does. The need for instructors to be involved in their students' learning experience is illustrated by the full-featured, centralized reporting and management features of the TestOut products. None of the other CBT providers come close to the manageability of the TestOut LabSim products.”

- Kevin Blackwell, Professor
  Olympic College

“Tell me if this isn't the best of the best for all modalities of education. Here is the best part: my students are getting higher grades that reflect what they have learned. The way I tested for this was to have them take midterm and final exams, closed book, no notes, except for a calculator. For the student, it was what-do-you-know time, and could you pass the certification exam? They love it, and their grades reflect it.”

- William Schlick, Professor
  Schoolcraft College

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