TestOut Pro Certifications

We create IT certification solutions that enable success. The results we make possible lead to new jobs, better salaries, and increased satisfaction.


TestOut Pro Certifications

For over 15 years, TestOut has been providing innovative and comprehensive training for IT certifications. Since our first computer-based training product in 1997, providing hands-on practice has been an indispensable component of our training methodology. With our TestOut Pro Certifications, TestOut again leads the industry by providing certifications that are uniquely performance based.

  • Industry Certification

    Students who pass our exams gain an industry credential.

  • Skills Assessment

    We measure what you can do, not just what you’ve memorized. Our exams give you an authentic assessment of real-world job skills.

  • Class Reports

    Teachers and administrators have access to individual, class, and school reports. Reports show total score, score by objective, and percentile ranking, allowing you to use our exam as a national standards exam for IT ability.

  • Online Exams

    Exams are delivered online in class or in your own testing center.

  • Complete Solution

    We provide an end-to-end solution, including training, assessments, and certification. Our innovative and integrated approach is used throughout the training and the certification. Assessment tools help you know when you are ready to certify.

  • Cost-effective Certification 

    The cost of the certification exam is included in the cost of the training. Bundled training, assessment, and certification give you a cost-effective certification solution.


As always, TestOut products will continue to be the best way to prepare for vendor and association certification exams. But with the addition of our new Pro Certifications, students, instructors, and businesses have an exciting new tool for assessing real-world job skills.

Certifies job skills
Shows course outcomes
Included with the course

Evaluate this certification!

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