Taking Pro Certification Exams

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Taking Pro Certification Exams

Before a student can take TestOut Pro Certification exams, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • The student must have an active license for the corresponding TestOut training product.
  • Teachers must have scheduled the exam, with the scheduled time period started. 

Students are encouraged to budget their time and keep moving through the exam so that they complete it within the time limit.

  1. At the scheduled exam time, students open a Web browser and go to http://www.testout.com/login

    Note: Students may only take the exam using the browser version of LabSim.

  2. Log in with the LabSim username and password.

  3. In the Assigned Exams section, click 1 New Exam.

  4. Click Begin to begin the exam.

Unlike the training exams built into the LabSim courses, the TestOut Pro Certification exams are assessment exams that do not allow students to check their answers or get instant feedback.

Certifies job skills
Included with the course

Certification: http://www.testout.com/images/backgrounds/certificationE6064D3EB180EB6103500E43.jpg?sfvrsn=2