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Scheduling Pro Certification Exams

Instructors or administrators: before you can schedule a certification exam for a student, you must meet the following prerequisites.

  • You must be actively using a product that has a corresponding TestOut Pro Certification.
    • To schedule the TestOut PC Pro Certification exam, you must be authorized for the TestOut PC Pro (A+ 801 & 802) course.
    • To schedule the TestOut Network Pro Certification Exam, you must be authorized for the TestOut Network Pro course.
    • To schedule the TestOut Security Pro Certification Exam, you must be authorized for the TestOut Security Pro course.
  • You must have Microsoft Silverlight installed. Exams are scheduled using the browser interface only, which requires Microsoft Silverlight.
  • You must have created classes, and students must be authorized to use the TestOut product that corresponds to the TestOut Pro Certification you want to schedule. 

Students can only take a TestOut Pro Certification exam when scheduled by the instructor or an administrator. To schedule the exam:

  1. In a Web browser, go to LabSim at http://labsim.testout.com.

  2. Log in to LabSim with a teacher or administrator account.

    Note: The browser version of LabSim relies on Microsoft Silverlight. If you don’t have Silverlight installed, you’ll be prompted to install it after logging in. After installing Silverlight, please exit LabSim and log back in to begin.

  3. In the My Certification Exams (blue header), select Manage Student Exams on the right. Your classes will then be listed.

  4. Find the class you want to schedule for the exam, and click Schedule Exam (on the right.)

  5. In the Available Students box, students are listed who have current course licenses for LabSim training with an associated TestOut Pro Certification exam. Select individual students by clicking the box next to a student’s name, or select the entire class by clicking Select All.

  6. Click the Schedule button.

  7. In the Select Time Range box that appears, choose the date and the beginning and ending time you want the exam to be available to students to launch—perhaps during your class time, for example.

  8. The student(s) will be added to the Scheduled Students box. Click the Apply button to save the exam schedule.

    Note: Exam start and end times are converted to Universal Time as they are recorded. Every user sees the scheduled times reported in their own local time zone. The PC Pro exam has a time limit of 1 hour and 45 minutes. All other Pro exams have a time limit of 2 hours (120 minutes). TestOut assumes that proficient students will be able to perform tasks quickly and correctly. Students who are not proficient in these tasks will take longer and may run out of time.

Rescheduling Untaken Exams

If any students do not take the exam at the scheduled time, they can be rescheduled.

  1. Return to the Certification Exams in the LabSim home page (on the left navigation), and click Schedule Exam.

  2. Select the student and reschedule a new date and time. (They will be listed in the Scheduled tab.)

  3. Click Apply to save the schedule.

Note: A student who already attempted the exam cannot be rescheduled without an additional voucher.

View Exam Results

After students have taken a TestOut Pro Certification exam, instructors can view students’ results by returning to the teacher administrator account in LabSim.

  1. Return to the Certification Exams in the LabSim home page.

  2. Click View Reports.  

The report lists students who have taken the exam along with their score and other exam information. 


For students who take and pass a TestOut Pro Certification exam, TestOut will provide a certificate as evidence of having passed the certification exam. The certification is co-signed by a school representative or instructor. 

To download certificates 

  1. Return to the Certification Exams in the LabSim home page (on the left navigation).

  2. Click Download Certificates under the respective class.

  3. Select Download, a digital PDF will be provided for each student who passed the exam. These can be printed and emailed as needed.

*For students taking beta exams, certificates will be available for those that pass the exam after the conclusion of the beta testing.

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