Pro Certification Retake Policy and Instructions

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Pro Certification Retake Policy and Instructions

Cost for retaking Pro Certification: one (1) Voucher - $39

  • Retake vouchers can be purchased online, or can be purchased over the phone by calling TestOut at 1-800-877-4889. 
  • When a passing score is not achieved by a candidate on the first try, TestOut does not require a waiting period between the First (1st) and second (2nd) attempt to retake the exam. 
  • If a passing score is not achieved on the second attempt, the candidate must wait a time period of at least one (1) week before retaking the exam a third time. 
  • A one (1) week waiting period will also be required for subsequent retakes up to 5 tries. A candidate may only take an exam 5 times per year (12 months). After the fifth (5) attempt, a waiting period of one (1) year will be imposed before the exam may be retaken again. The One (1) year waiting period begins on the date of fifth (5th) attempt. 
  • If a candidate passes the exam, they cannot take the exam again without prior approval from TestOut. 
  • Candidates must pay for each attempted exam. The cost of the first exam is included with the purchase of TestOut Pro courses.

Retake Instructions

After you have purchased your activation code you will need to add it to your LabSim account. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your LabSim account on the home page.
  2. On the Home screen of LabSim, click the button on the "My Classes" title bar that says “Add an Activation”.
  3. Enter your activation code in the text box and click the “Activate” button. You should receive a message that tells you that it was successfully added to your account.

NOTE: Students will not see anything change on their home screen, but teachers will see the change in their exam scheduler. Everyone else, including teachers, will see the exam show up on the home screen (or if it is already there, they will see the voucher count go up). Also note that once someone passes the exam we stop displaying their voucher count, and they cannot retake the exam.

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