The Value of Certification

We create IT certification solutions that enable success. The results we make possible lead to new jobs, better salaries, and increased satisfaction.


The Value of Certification

TestOut's mission is "To make a difference in a person's life through education using breakthrough technology." The education we offer is training in a job skill, with new employment or advancement in your current employment being the end goal.

While an increase in job skills is what brings about success, a certification is the easiest and most accepted way to prove that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed. Gaining a certification leads to more opportunities, better salaries, and increased job satisfaction.

We believe the greatest value we can give to the individual is a certification that proves job skills.

  • Employers want a certification that proves job skills so they can have confidence they're hiring qualified individuals. Employers want to know, "Can you do the job?"
  • Educators need an authentic assessment to validate that the instruction was effective, taught relevant skills, and accomplished the educational objectives. 
  • Individuals need a way to prove to employers and educators that they can do the job. The greatest value of a certification is its ability to prove job skills. 
  • While it is "what you can do" that ultimately makes the difference to individuals, certification is the final step in the process that verifies job skills to employers, educators, and themselves.

Both businesses and educators have a need for better certifications that measure actual job skills, not just recall of factual knowledge.

Our new TestOut Pro Certifications are authentic measures of real-world job skills. By testing what you can do, not just what you know, we measure the critical skills demanded by today's employers.

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"TestOut Pro Certifications really are great certs. They actually do the best job of assessing. That to me is credibility. The fact that a student can take a class and have a cert at the end of the class is huge. The quality of education at Oregon Tech has shot up significantly since adopting TestOut’s training and certifications two years ago. I’ve seen big leaps in the quality of our students. It’s really made a difference.

We have a 96% employment rate for up to 6 months after graduating. Our students walk out of our program with four or five TestOut certifications. I cannot express enough gratitude to TestOut. Not just for me personally, but it’s really important to the students. It’s making a difference in their lives.”

- Kris Rosenberg, Assistant Professor & Program Director of IT and Cyber Security at Oregon Institute of Technology