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Many IT professionals begin their careers in IT support-related positions. The main purpose of the TestOut PC Pro certification is to verify necessary skills to work as an IT support professional. In an IT support job, you’ll be asked to install, repair, configure, secure, and manage computer hardware, operating systems, and software in home or corporate environments. These are the most basic and foundational skills required of all IT professionals. Additionally, communication, listening and analysis skills are essentials for interacting with customers.
Minimum education requirement: High School or 2-year degree
Experience Requirement: No previous experience required. This certification will prepare you for your first IT job.
Common Job Roles
Common job roles associated with computer support-related jobs include:
Typical Salary Range
$36,000 $50,000
*Based on data found in PayScale.com
Exam Specifications
  • Exam Version: 4.0
  • Release Date: May 23, 2016
  • Question Count: Up to 14 questions
  • Task Count: Up to 50 tasks
  • Time Limit: 120 minutes
  • Score Range: 200 - 2,000
  • Passing Score: 1,360
  • Exam Version: 3.0
  • Release Date: April 4, 2013
  • Question Count: 13
  • Task Count: 42
  • Time Limit: 105 minutes
  • Score Range: 200 - 1,500
  • Passing Score: 1,100
Skills Assessed
The TestOut PC Pro Certification exam measures an examinee's ability to install, repair, configure, secure, and manage the following systems and devices:
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • PC Hardware
  • PC Software
  • Basic Networking Devices and Printers
  • Mobile Devices
Associated Courseware
  • The TestOut PC Pro certification is included in the cost of TestOut's PC Pro courseware.
  • The TestOut PC Pro exam is comprised of simulations and other questions intended to measure skills.
  • Examinees may encounter a small number of unscored tasks that are used to evaluate and improve the exam. These tasks will not impact an examinees’ final score.
  • The TestOut PC Pro certification exam is a culminating exam that instructors may offer students. To pass the exam, students should complete an entire course of study for PC hardware and software.
  • Students who take and pass the exam can download a digital certificate.
  • Upon passing, certificates and wallet cards can be ordered from the LabSim home page for a minimal fee.
  • If you have any questions regarding the TestOut PC Pro certification, please contact your TestOut sales representative at 1-800-877-4889 or email [email protected].
  • If you would like to evaluate or retake any of the TestOut Pro certifications, you may request additional instructor exam vouchers by emailing [email protected]
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