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TestOut Pro Certification Exams

TestOut Pro Certifications are entry level IT job credentials that were developed to enable students with little experience or that are new to IT to get an entry-level internship or job. Even entry level jobs require some work experience. Our 100% performance-based approach to certification enables students to tell employers that they really do have the skills and can do the job even though the students may have little or no work experience.


1. Build Student Confidence
  • In themselves

  • To continue learning IT and pursuing further certifications

  • To pursue a job

2. Overcome Certification Barriers
  • Administer the exam at your school

  • Ability as an instructor to know if your students have gained the skills taught in the course

  • Ability to use the exam as a course final and end goal for your students to work toward, helping them overcome fear and intimidation of tests and certifications

  • The certification exam is included with the training, helping you and your students with cost

3. Help your students get a job
  • Provide your students with a differentiating, 100% performance-based credential that validates skills

  • Provide your students with a certificate that tells employers that they're certified to do the job

Exam Catalog:
  • Desktop Pro
  • PC Pro 
  • Network Pro 
  • Security Pro 
  • Linux Pro 
  • Server Pro: Install & Configure 
  • Server Pro: Manage & Administer 
  • Server Pro: Advanced Services 
  • Client Pro 
  • Routing Pro 
  • Switching Pro 

In the last five years, over 1,250 academic institutions have administered these exams to over 80,000 students. TestOut Pro Certifications are enabling instructors across the globe to provide an all-in-one solution that not only trains their students but certifies them.  

More importantly, TestOut Pro Certifications are helping students get employed across the IT industry at companies like:

Geek Squad, Dell, GoDaddy, Florida State University, Army National Guard, TEKsystems, Unisys, IBM, Amazon, Central Piedmont Community College, United States Air Force, EMC, and the LDS Church.  
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“Having my students put their Pro Certifications on their resumes gives them confidence going into interviews. It levels the playing field, and they are getting the same jobs and the same pay as the four-year degree grads.”

- Spencer DeGraw, Director - Information Technology Programs, LDS Business College

“Honestly, it was a life changer. It sounds cliché and everything, but it’s a fact because, with the Linux Pro Certification, I got to work in the video game industry, which was a dream of mine ever since I was a kid, and now I’m working with big Cloud infrastructures at Amazon. It’s taken me places I never imagined I could go.” 

- Sean O'Haver, Linux Pro Certified, Support Engineer at Amazon Web Services